Colton House supports Colton village artist with a display of his work

Vince Edmunds is a local artist who is entirely self-taught; he lives in Colton village and has been painting for around 20 years. He paints mainly in acrylics, but also in oils, and has recently produced a series of detailed figurative drawings in graphite pencil.


All of Vince’s work that we have on display in Colton House is knife painted. This is a very loose and dynamic way to paint, it also adds an extra dimension to the pieces as pallet knife applied paint is always thicker and more voluminous than brush applied paint, this effect is called ”impasto”.

Knife painting is not suited to detailed work; however what it loses in that respect it more than gains in its textured and dynamic quality in the way the paint is applied.
The two of Vince’s pieces hanging in the main stairway are semi-abstract paintings of the local countryside, painted from photographs he has taken around Blithfield reservoir and the Newlands area.
The two paintings hanging the entrance hall, Tuscan Retreat and Tuscan Village, are beautiful renditions of the Italian Tuscan countryside, painted after a family holiday in the area.


The piece hanging outside the entrance to the dining area, Love Blossoms, has heavy impasto in a couple of areas. This was produced by using previously dried paint, that was applied to the canvas, and then painted over so as it blends with the rest of the piece. All of Vince’s pieces are accompanied by a small card detailing the ideas behind each piece, as well as his contact details, and price. If you are a visitor from outside the UK Vince will be happy to arrange shipping of any of the pieces at an additional cost.


More of Vince’s work can be seen on his excellent website at www.vinceedmundsart.com
Vince can be contacted at v_edmunds@sky.com and on his mobile 07452 961668.

We are pleased t be able to tell you that Vince has now sold one of ‘our’ paintings.

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